3D-printed special profiles

On request, we can produce a 3D plastic prototype of your special profile in advance!


The benefits of 3D printing

  • A 3D prototype, even with a geometrically complex shape, can be created and modified very easily
  • Quicker prototype production compared to conventional methods
  • Function checks and fault detection possible in the product engineering process
  • Once 3D models have been drawn, they can be modified and reprinted in next to no time.
  • Ideal for sample inspections

Technical specifications

  • Cross-sections of up to 180 x 180 mm possible
  • Heights of up to 200 mm possible
  • Very accurate dimensional tolerances of ±0.3 mm
  • Available in blue, white or grey

This is how it works

  • Version 1: You have a sketch

    • We draw the profile for you in dwg format
    • You approve the drawing
    • We print a 3D sample of the required profile
    • You receive the profile sample and the dwg drawing
    • See here for prices (download)

  • Version 2: You have a suitable 2D or 3D drawing in dwg format

Delivery time

  • One to two weeks, depending on the version

We look forward to hearing from you


Then we will gladly tell you more about the benefits of a 3D print and work out the best option for you in the matter of "My Special Profile".