Surface treatment

A fine finish

The right surface puts the finishing touch on a product – whether it be for aesthetic or for functional reasons – which is why we supply articles not only in bright, unfinished versions, but also directly with the required surface treatment.

In general, we supply material with the following surface treatments:

  • Anodized aluminium
  • Powder coating
  • Special surfaces, such as wood-grain effect (used frequently above all in aluminium fence and balcony construction)

When it comes to surface treatment, we rely exclusively on long-term, proven supplier relationships. 

Aluminium stock goods with anodized aluminium and powder coating

  • Angles, naturally anodised A6/C0
  • Angles, anodised in stainless steel effect
  • Angles, coated RAL 9010
  • U-profiles, naturally anodised A6/C0
  • U-profiles, anodised in stainless steel effect
  • U-profiles, mirror anodised E8/C0 (high gloss)
  • U-profiles, coated RAL 9010

We look forward to hearing from you


Tell us about the construction project we can help you with, and we will work out the best solution together. 

In many industries, it no longer only comes down to the correct material, but also to an aesthetic surface. Shape and colour now play a hugely important role in many areas. In order to support our customers optimally with their projects, we supply ordered products directly with the required surface finish.